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Spare spares a thought


That new RS 660 really floats my boat. Not a surprise as I’m probably the perfect target for it. Growing up watching a guy called Valentino doing crazy stuff on two-stroke Prillers got me into my teenage years on an RS50, then a 125.

But because there was also that chap named Carl, and I’m more into Practical Sportsbike­s than full on superbikes, I now own a 2017 Ducati Supersport – a competitor for the RS. Maybe there’s my picture on a board in the Noale marketing department [Could well be – MG].

I’m looking forward to test riding the new RS in spring. I don’t understand the mismatched wheels on the Reggiani version (red front, black rear), but no big deal. But I do have two issues. First there’s less torque, higher in the rev range than my SS. And my main concern is the traditiona­l six month delay in getting spare parts from the factory.

OK, that was 15 years ago. But have Aprilia improved on that since then? I still have the RS 125 and am planning a resto. Cheers from France, to you all.

Victor Voignier

 ??  ?? Green version at least has red wheels F and R
Green version at least has red wheels F and R

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