Practical Sportsbikes (UK)



1987 FZ750 GENESIS 2MG

Redesign from first gen 1FN. Full fairing (all new), longer side panels, 4-1 exhaust, longer swingarm, redesigned shock linkage, drilled discs. Colours: red/white, blue/white/yellow.

1988 FZ750 GENESIS 3DX

Same recipe as the 2MG with a new silver/ yellow paint option added.

1989 FZ750 GENESIS 3KS

Braking and handling improved with larger 290mm discs and four-pot Sumitomo calipers. New three-spoke wheels – front now 17in; 140 section rear tyre. Colours: white/ blue, black/pink.

1990 FZ750 GENESIS 3KT

The same spec as 3KS model. New graphite/ white/green colour option.

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