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Cam wear: Early GPXS were subject to a recall after cam and follower wear became an issue. This should have been rectified as a matter of course, especially on UK bikes; if you inspect a GPX with a noisy top end, check with Kawasaki that the recall work was done or, better still, look for another. Charging problems: If your GPX isn’t charging properly, inspect the alternator and its drive belt. It’s a lightweigh­t bit of kit and susceptibl­e to wear and/or snapping. An easy, cheap fix (budget £30). Camchain tensioner: Weak on early models, although Kawasaki introduced several revised tensioner assemblies. If you can still find one as a genuine part, expect to pay around 80 quid.

Anti-dive issues: The effectiven­ess of the

electrical­ly operated anti-dive system was dubious when new, so it’s hardly going to have improved with age. Water can get into the system’s relay, situated behind the fairing, and the unit’s adjusters are notorious for seizing in situ.

Rotten pipes: If your GPX is still wearing its original exhaust it’s doing well. NOS replacemen­ts are rare. Motad systems were popular, but are no longer made. Marving 4-1s still show up, although they too are now discontinu­ed.

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