Practical Sportsbikes (UK)

1984 RZ350LC


Owner: Benedict Ireland Owned for: 27 years Paid: £1495 Resto cost: £3000

“When I bought my RZ350LC Japanese import in 1993 it had a YPVS front-end and K&NS. In late 2000 I was knocked off it and the bike languished in a lock-up for five years. The poor LC was in a soul-destroying state. However I got it straight and running. Then it seized on me.

“Tony Greenslade at Stinkwheel­s rebuilt the engine. I then left the bike outside for a year with the plugs out, so Stinkwheel­s rebuilt it again. And Otto Racs did a really beautiful job of the paint.

“I junked the knackered loom in favour of a new one from the LC Club. The clocks got mph faces to replace the km/h originals and a pair of new clock surrounds came from Simon Wells.

“I bought a Nitron shock for it and Brook Racing rebuilt the forks to full race spec. The brakes were swapped for Blue Spots using an NK Racing adaptor kit.

“I had a Pro-am belly pan painted by Tim ‘Scorch’ Peacock. And after 27 years my LC is now where I want it.”

 ??  ?? Thatch needs ridging around that half-moon window
Thatch needs ridging around that half-moon window
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