Practical Sportsbikes (UK)

1980 RD350LC 4LO


Owner: Trevor Miles Owned for: two years Paid: £500 Resto cost: £4300

“The most difficult items were the exhausts. I made a schoolboy error and bought a set from ebay advertised as 350LC pipes. The part numbers stamped on the pipes were correct – but Yamaha used the same part numbers for 250s and 350s. Identifica­tion between the two was via an orange or pink dab of paint, and later the number 0 stamped onto the hanger.

“Unscrupulo­us types have been known to stamp on an ‘0’. I had to cut the pipes in half at the weld joint to alter the internal baffle plates. The 250 internal baffles have four holes where the 350’s have eight.”

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