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Having decided to treat the blue dot calipers on my Yamaha Thundercat to an overhaul with new seals and all, I bought a special tool to remove the blue dots and access the outer pistons. However on my calipers the blue bits are merely decorative and on removing them I’m faced with blind metal slugs. Can the slugs be removed to get to the pistons behind?

Colin Farr, email

Saul Towers says: As you have found, there was more than one type of blue dot caliper.

We’ve never attempted to get to the outer pistons through the blue dots – even on the later type, preferring to remove the pistons from the caliper inner side. Yes, it’s a fiddle, but it can still be done. You also don’t have to worry about replacing the seals on the blue dots themselves on the later type calipers.

Ease the pistons on yours out the convention­al way. If they won’t move, go to a specialist such as Powerhouse UK (01246 260665,

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