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I have a 1998 Triumph T509 Speed Triple with the 885cc engine and Sagem fuel-injection. When I bought it a few years back it already had a Werkes USA stumpy performanc­e exhaust, but it runs very rich, as commented on by my MOT tester. It has also had two new sets of spark plugs in the four years/4k miles that I have had it (total 15k miles). Would a remap cure this issue – and if so can you recommend anywhere in the London area?

James Fawsitt, email

Chris Jagger says: If it hasn’t had a remap it will definitely need one to match the exhaust. FI systems are adaptive but only within a small range. The danger with an open pipe is usually lean running, so running rich has prevented damage here. Perhaps whoever fitted the Werkes exhaust has adjusted it with a generic diagnostic tool.

What you really need is open pipe tune using the correct diagnostic equipment. The Sagem system on this bike is open loop, in contrast to a closed loop system with a lambda sensor or sensors telling the ECU what to do. The CO has to be measured, and the fuelling richened or weakened accordingl­y. I’m in Walton-onthames, so in the London area.

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