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My 2000 Ducati 748E flattens its battery after just a couple of days standing. I guess there must be some kind of parasitic draw. It can’t be the alarm as I had that taken out because it definitely was flattening the battery. How on earth do I go about finding out what is draining the battery?

Stu Mac, email

Ferret says: The best procedure is to first check in the manual for the acceptable drain figure, most likely to be in the single digits of milliamps.

Next, connect a multimeter on the ma range in line with the battery earth. Note the reading. Now disconnect the reg/rec. If the reading hasn’t dropped then it isn’t the reg/rec causing the problem. Start pulling fuses to isolate which of the subsystems contains the issue.

Thereafter it’s about disconnect­ing the individual components in that subsystem until the culprit is found. The issue will lie with that component or the wires to it.

 ??  ?? Ducati 748E
Ducati 748E

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