Practical Sportsbikes (UK)



1. 907cc big bore. No substitute for cubes and this GSX-R is a long way from where it left the factory. Tab has thought about going higher yet, to 955cc, but that would mean new liners.

2. Mikuni RS38 flatslide carbs feed the bigger bores.

3. Hindle 4-2-1 exhaust fills much of the midrange gap of a 4-1.

4. Ramair MS006 foam filters inside stock airbox flow freely – no difference on the dyno if they’re on or off.

5. Dyna 2000 ignition allows the rev limit to be lifted from the stock 11.5k. It’s currently set at 13,000rpm.

6. Dymag 17-inch forged aluminium wheels. “I had to go this way because of the scarcity of suitable 18-inch tyres.

7. GSX-R1100 fork sliders, yokes and front calipers.

8. GSX-R1100 rear linkage. Öhlins shock with 530lb spring replaced with 320lb item and revalved to suit.

9. Norbert Busch small aluminium tank.

10. Crankcase evacuation system.

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