Practical Sportsbikes (UK)

Four-bike Optimate charger


It’s called a 3 x 4 Bank and will keep up to four bikes’ batteries monitored and maintained through long periods of dormancy.

Like most of us I’ve got a shed full of old tat that gets ridden pretty sporadical­ly. My SP-1 in particular needs a lot of cranking power to get those high compressio­n slugs over TDC and getting to the battery regularly is (was) a right royal pain in the arse, especially when your fingers are the size of Cumberland sausages.

But I don’t have to anymore. It sits there plugged into the Optimate while it’s resting up, little green lights cheerily blinking away, battery in tip-top condition, and another three bikes enjoying a similar service. It’s not cheap, but it is totally hassle -free.

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