Practical Sportsbikes (UK) : 2021-02-01

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Practical Sportsbike­s 40 A s the Genesis tag suggests, the FZ was ground zero for the modern superbike.yes, yes, the GSX-R750 provided much of the DNA for what would become the lightweigh­t race rep boom of the 1990s, but it was Yamaha who brought the decisive engineerin­g thinking to the table. The FZ was conceived as a package, each major component flowing into the next, so the relationsh­ip between chassis and motor became closer than ever. Using a perimeter frame (box-section steel) allowedyam to relocate and upsize the airbox from behind the engine to directly above, creating a better charge path into the motor – aided by downdraugh­t carbs and slanting the cylinders forward by 45-degrees.add to that a 20-valve head – and the FZ was a technical tour-de-force. There are two main flavours of FZ; the original half-faired 1FN, and the revised ’87 2Mg.aesthetica­lly the ’85 model wins out every time, but in terms of technology and ride the later models bear more fruit. Plus, they’re cheaper and easier to find. The later model kicks out an extra (claimed) 5bhp and enjoys an even richer spread of power thanks to numerous revisions inside and around the motor, including longer rods, a new ignition and a 4-1 exhaust.a 5mm extended swingarm, redesigned shock linkage, drilled front discs and a full fairing helped keep the FZ fresh. No matter which model, the star of the show is the engine. It’s astonishin­g, not just £500-£1500: £2000-£3200: £3500-£4000: Yamaha’s first serious four-stroke sportsbike is a peach of a thing PRICE GUIDE Anything from a non-runner that could be either spares/repairs or a resto project, to a tatty, non-mot’d hound that needs a major service and thorough going over to get back on the road. HOUND Presentabl­e and ready to ride. Most will have a non-stock pipe, aftermarke­t discs, and perhaps screen. Gives you the FZ riding experience but not in factory spec. Mint means original spec (braided lines and aftermarke­t pipe being perhaps the only concession­s), standard graphics and colour for year. The nearer to OE the higher the value. TIDY MINT