Practical Sportsbikes (UK) : 2021-02-01

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Practical Sportsbike­s 44 PRICE GUIDE U nderrated, that’s the GPX750. Kawasaki got really serious with its 1987 offering to the 750 class, and in doing so hit the opposition with the lightest, most powerful and compact all-rounder on the market. In fact, Kawasaki were so confident in their creation they boasted, “This motorcycle is so revolution­ary, it not only blows away the newest 750 competitio­n, it also outperform­s most larger capacity sportsbike­s.” OK, so the marketing department perhaps went a bit overboard on the lunchtime sake, but as a package the GPX more than matched the FZ andvfr.and yet it wasn’t a huge hit, or a long-burn seller, like its rivals. There’s no obvious reason why.the engine’s a belter – eager, easy to keep on the boil, and in typical Kawasaki style it thrives on revs. In fact, the motor showed so much promise it was pinched and lightly tweaked to power the ’89 ZXR750 H1. Of this trio the GPX is by far the sportiest. Don’t be fooled by the sports-tourer exterior, the Kawasaki offers the most attacking riding If a GPX is this cheap, expect a horror – knackered suspension, seized brakes, broken cosmetics. Best avoided, if truth be told, unless you’re planning on using it as a spares mule. Ride away. Fully fettled and ready to go. The higher value represents a GPX with rebuilt forks, replacemen­t shock, quiet motor, serviced brakes and good tyres. Showroom. Finding one with stock pipes is rare. If you do, and they’re solid, you’re looking top money. White/champagne less desirable than the red/white original. £400-£800: £1000-£1500: £1800-£2500: Hard to figure why this didn’t sell in bigger numbers. It’s a fine thing, so it is position, the most up-for-it motor, and the sharpest handling, although in some respects that became itsachille­s heel.the 750R somehow earned a reputation for nervous, flighty steering – not the sort of thing prospectiv­e buyers wanted to hear when looking for all-round ability. The GPX is well-equipped, with clear, easy to read instrument­s, decent mirrors, excellent pillion provision, plentiful wind protection, a 21-litre fuel tank (and fuel gauge), and useful bungee hooks in its armoury.there are plenty of less convincing, often overly complicate­d tech ‘innovation­s’ too, like the electrical­ly operated anti-dive, odd-sized caliper pistons and that briefly fashionabl­e 16-inch front wheel, but they don’t spoil the overall feel of the bike. Think of the GPX as a sportsbike with creature comforts and concession­s to practicali­ty – hell, it even comes with a centrestan­d and storage pockets in the fairing.this Kawasaki has a lot to HOUND TIDY MINT