Practical Sportsbikes (UK) : 2021-02-01

PS SELECTOR : 45 : 45


1987KAWASA­KI 11.2:1 TCI 106bhp@10,500rpm 57.3lb.ft@8500rpm 148mph Practical Sportsbike­s 45 SPECIFICAT­ION GPX750R liquid-cooled, dohc, 16v inline fourcapaci­ty 742cc 68 x 51.5mm 4 x Keihin CV (transistor controlled digital) gear/chain wet/multiplate 6-speed tubular steel spine frame 38mm telescopic forks with electronic­ally activated GSCS anti-dive Uni-track monoshock, adj preload and 4-way rebound damping 2 x 270mm discs, 4-pot calipers 230mm disc, 2-pot caliper cast aluminium 6-spoke 110/90 x V16 140/70 x V18 1495mm (58.6in) 715mm (28.1in) 195kg (430lbs) 21 litres (4.39 gals) Power (claimed) Torque (claimed) Top speed offer. It’s just as fast and funa to B as a ZXR750, and yet you won’t feel like you’ve just stepped off a medieval torture rack when you reach your destinatio­n. And the massive plus is the GPX is a bit of a looker in an ’80s kind of way – in red/ white or black, of course. Having kept a keen eye on GPXS for sale over the past few years (I may end up with one yet) the market tends to throw up two distinct options: knackered old nails that are good only to rob for spares, or minters.there’s very little in between when it comes to these Kwaks.and that means you could get your hands on a lovely nick GPX and a spares hound all-in for less than £2500 if you’re savvy. ENGINE Type Bore x stroke Compressio­n ratio Carburatio­n Ignition TRANSMISSI­ON Primary/final drive Clutch Gearbox CHASSIS Frame Front suspension Rear suspension Front brakes Rear brake Wheels Front tyre Rear tyre DIMENSIONS Wheelbase Seat height Dry weight Fuel capacity PERFORMANC­E Forerunner of the ZXR750 engine, and the first bike to use finger-follower valve lifters Handsome in black, although the Champagne/white version has its admirers too