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TooTechnic­al or not?


Dear Don

I noticed a recurring theme in recent letters pages about PW having too much technicali­ty and (separately) someone highlighti­ng that circuit diagrams are too small. While agreeing with both I also get your response to those letters and know you have to judge articles accordingl­y.

However, what I can’t let go without comment is the 160m vertical antenna article in the September issue! Not one diagram, instead we are forced to read and picture in our heads the design. But what really riled me was that the article saw fit to have pointless photos of a carrying bag (laid on the grass) and an SWR meter, err apparently showing the SWR though too small to actually see. The space for these photos could have been put to better use. Come on PW you are better than this, we don’t need to see what a bag looks like!!

Martin Kay G1EOJ

Leighton Buzzard

(Editor’s comment: Thanks Martin and a fair point! I apologise that this article wasn’t up our usual standards. You could, of course, email the author for more informatio­n, but we should definitely have done better.)

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