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Harry G3LLL and RSGB


Dear Don,

It was heart-warming to know (October 2021) that Harry Leeming G3LLL is alive and well and enjoying his retirement. As for the ‘ultimate DX location’ he mentions, hopefully that ain’t going to happen any time soon.

Harry’s plea for someone to take over where he left off might fall on stony ground. There again, maybe not. However, it would be a great result if someone does indeed volunteer to take over the reins. Besides, it is a fact that out there in amateur radio world many people are still using rigs that should have died long ago but, whether by divine interventi­on or whatever, are all still strutting their stuff on VHF, UHF and HF. And long may it continue, eh?

So, it’s probably the case, that some people who would much rather use the old rather than the brand new, might welcome a monthly column devoted to keeping their amateur radio treasure alive and kicking.

And on that note, who is actually buying all those expensive dual- band digital handhelds? The Yaesu FT5DE, for example.

John Fellows G3YRZ mentions why “none of the candidates for RSGB President or Board Members” didn’t mention any of the current problems with OFCOM “in their election CVs?” It could be that the candidates know that most negotiatio­n with OFCOM is a one way street?

Or, if they did mention what G3YRZ would like them to advertise, it would put their comments on the horns of a dilemma. Anyhow, it’s probably better not to promise too much or give the impression that a prospectiv­e candidate could solve what is, a seemingly intractabl­e solution. But hope springs eternal. Ray Howes G4OWY/G6AUW Weymouth

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