Q my brush. I’m see­ing more hair than usual on loss? Can a diet switch help slow down the

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A‘Ab­so­lutely!’ says An­abel Kings­ley, con­sul­tant tri­chol­o­gist at the Philip Kings­ley clinic in Lon­don. ‘Diet is key in the growth of healthy hair, and hair is the first to suf­fer when we’re lack­ing the right amount of nu­tri­ents.’

EGGS They pack all the es­sen­tial amino acids – the build­ing blocks of pro­tein. Hair is pri­mar­ily pro­tein, so it’s es­sen­tial for strong strands. Amino acids in egg whites are eas­ily ab­sorbed be­cause they are eas­ily di­gested and yolks con­tain bi­otin.

POTA­TOES Now there’s a sur­prise, but An­abel is keen. ‘These are com­plex carbs with a slow re­lease of en­ergy,’ she ex­plains. ‘Hair cells are fast grow­ing so they need a steady en­ergy sup­ply.’ Eat with skin on for ex­tra fi­bre and nu­tri­ents.

QUINOA It’s one of the only plant-based forms of pro­tein that con­tains all the es­sen­tial amino acids. The body can’t syn­the­sise them so they must be eaten daily. Good for ve­g­ans!

STEAK A great source of iron, plus it helps to main­tain healthy lev­els. Iron de­fi­ciency is the most com­mon cause of hair loss that An­abel sees in the clinic.

SALMON Con­tains omega 3, which can have anti-in­flam­ma­tory ef­fects and help sup­port a healthy scalp. It’s also a good source of pro­tein, vi­ta­min D and B12, which help to keep red blood cells healthy.


l AUBERGINES & RED PEP­PERS Can ag­gra­vate the scalp of dan­druff suf­fer­ers. l BLACK TEA The tan­nin binds to iron, de­pletes stores and causes hair shed­ding. Al­ways add milk.

l FULL-FAT CHEESE AND WHITE WINE These can ir­ri­tate flaky scalps, which could lead to hair loss.

l EX­CESS AL­CO­HOL Af­fects nu­tri­ent ab­sorp­tion, cre­at­ing a knock-on ef­fect.


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