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Oh, the joy of a fam­ily Christ­mas! But there is a down­side. ‘Close­ness can be com­pli­cated,’ says mind­ful­ness ex­pert Tzivia Gover. ‘To re­gain equa­nim­ity when you’ve been thrown off bal­ance, prac­tise the tree pose to help you re­claim your foot­ing, and also im­prove mem­ory and fo­cus.’ 1

Stand with arms by your sides and feet close to­gether (but not touch­ing). 2 Shift your weight grad­u­ally to your left foot and lift your right foot as high as you com­fort­ably can. 3 Place your right foot on your left leg. Rest it just be­low (never on) the knee. 4 Gaze at a point on the wall (it aids bal­ance). Place palms to­gether in front of your chest. 5 Root your stand­ing foot into the earth and let arms ex­tend like branches. Hold the pose for sev­eral breaths and re­peat on the other side. THE RE­SULT? In five mins, you can hap­pily dive back into the fam­ily melee. Tzivia Gover is au­thor of Joy In Ev­ery Mo­ment (Storey). Con­nect with her at tzivi­

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