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Honeycomb flowers make a lovely table setting, as you can tuck in a card with your guest’s name. Alternativ­ely, add string or ribbon to the top and hang them up as floral decoration­s.

You will need

✿ Thin piece of card ✿ Pencil

✿ Scissors ✿ A4 paper in a pretty colour ✿ Glue stick ✿ Paperclip

To make

❶ Trace off the template (right) on to a piece of thin card and cut out.

❷ Concertina fold a piece of A4 paper, making sure the height of the folded paper is bigger than the template.

❸ Keeping the paper folded up, position the flat edge of the template against the folded edge of paper and draw around it several times. Cut out. Continue folding papers and cutting out folded shapes until you have at least 30.

❹ Take the first folded shape and apply a thin line of glue from the middle of the folded edge to the middle of the curved edge. Then place the next shape on top, lining it up.

❺ Again, apply a thin line of glue from the middle of the folded edge to the middle of the curved edge, then place on the next shape. Keep repeating this process with all 30-plus shapes – you will create something that looks like a mini book.

❻ Open up the ‘mini book’ and apply a line of glue either side of where you’ve applied your one line of glue on the previous shapes.

❼ When everything is glued, the papers will alternate between one line of glue centrally, then two lines of glue. Leave to dry.

➑ Carefully open up the papers – you will see the honeycomb effect appear. If any parts are glued together by accident, gently tease them apart.

➒ Apply a central line of glue to the final side then press the two pieces together to adhere. Use a paperclip to hold them in place as they dry.

❿ Finally, write your guest’s name on to a small piece of card, then tuck it into the flower.

The key to creating the perfect flower is to apply very thin, precise lines of glue.

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