For­mer Beard­fish front­man and Big Big Train mu­si­cian re­vis­its child­hood mem­o­ries on his fourth al­bum with Gungfly.

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Rikard Sjöblom re­turns with Gungfly’s new al­bum Friend­ship, re­leased via In­sid­eOut on Novem­ber 9.

In­spired by real-life mo­ments from his child­hood, the lyrics ex­plore the na­ture of hu­man re­la­tion­ships and how they change with time.

“It’s very re­flec­tive,” says Sjöblom. “I started think­ing about child­hood and a lot of these events that hap­pened. Some of the stuff was mixed to­gether – some­thing that hap­pened to me with one friend ends up mixed in with a story that hap­pened at an­other time in my life.”

The al­bum also in­cludes the sec­ond part of If You Fall – the first ap­peared on last year’s On Her Jour­ney To The Sun. “It was sup­posed to end up on that al­bum but I’m glad it didn’t be­cause it fits bet­ter with the songs on this al­bum,” he says. “It’s like cre­at­ing a cliffhanger, like they do on tele­vi­sion – they throw in the kitchen sink in the hope the net­work is go­ing to con­tinue. That’s what I did!”

He cites the ti­tle track as one which fea­tures “quite a lot of the mu­si­cal el­e­ments” found else­where on Friend­ship, adding, “there are shorter songs which wan­der into rock ter­ri­tory and flirt with heav­ier stuff, but most of the time it’s prog rock, you know?”

Hav­ing pre­vi­ously played open­ing track Ghost Of Van­ity live, Sjöblom pre­dicts the new mu­sic will mix well with his older ma­te­rial. “We’re ven­tur­ing fur­ther and fur­ther into Prog Rock Land,” he says hap­pily.

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