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"Ah, Brian,” says Collins with a laugh. “The mad pro­fes­sor. Ex­cept he wasn’t re­ally mad, just had his own way of do­ing things.”

Their paths crossed when Gen­e­sis and Eno were work­ing in the same stu­dio – the for­mer record­ing what was their great­est prog rock blowout, The Lamb Lies Down On Broad­way, while the lat­ter was work­ing on his sec­ond post-Roxy Mu­sic al­bum, Tak­ing Tiger Moun­tain (By Strat­egy).

“I wasn’t re­ally a huge fan of Roxy Mu­sic, but Brian came along and helped out with some vo­cal ef­fects on one of our tracks [cred­ited as ‘Enos­si­fi­ca­tion’], and I was sent up­stairs to play on one of his as a sort of pay­ment in kind,” says Collins.

“For some rea­son we hit it off. I liked his sense of hu­mour and he must have liked mine, be­cause he asked me back to play on an­other three al­bums.”

Those records – An­other Green World, Be­fore And Af­ter Sci­ence and Mu­sic For Films – were, as Collins puts it, “a world away from Gen­e­sis. It was like paint­ing by num­bers, but in a re­ally left-field way. They taught me a lot about mak­ing mu­sic in com­pletely dif­fer­ent ways.”

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