Chris Squire Vir­tu­oso Award

Phil Man­zan­era

Prog - - Limelight - (Pre­sented by Andy Mackay)

Phil Man­zan­era: “I’m very sur­prised to be nom­i­nated for Vir­tu­oso, be­cause if any­thing I’m the vir­tu­oso of prim­i­tive gui­tar play­ing, so maybe I’ve started up a new genre which is more about at­mo­spheric gui­tars and sound­scapes.”

Andy Mackay: “You’re a vir­tu­oso of the ef­fect, re­ally, be­cause ac­tu­ally you only need to play one note and I know it’s you. It’s a com­bi­na­tion of what you do and how it’s go­ing, what it goes through.”

Phil Man­zan­era: “And vice versa. If Andy plays one note, I know it’s Andy. Some­thing about the em­bra­sure, the tone, so we’re deal­ing in a dif­fer­ent kind of vir­tu­os­ity.”

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