The front­man of Cana­dian rock ’n’ rollers Mon­ster Truck had a mu­si­cal awak­en­ing the first time he heard Eloy.

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“Eloy re­ally helped me dis­cover that mu­sic doesn’t al­ways have to be straight­for­ward.”

“My dad in­tro­duced me to Eloy’s mu­sic. He has a hu­mungous record col­lec­tion and, as a kid, I was in­un­dated with ev­ery style of mu­sic. He took an affin­ity to prog when I was in my mid to late teens and I got quite the ed­u­ca­tion. Grow­ing up in Canada, ev­ery ra­dio sta­tion plays Rush the en­tire time – Fly By Night is a bril­liant record, but there are other bands out there!

When I was young, I was all into Yes and King Crim­son – just the nor­mal poppy songs you hear on the ra­dio – but I didn’t get into most of the Ger­man prog un­til my early to mid 20s. I have tried to play their mu­sic, but you know how long I took with [Yes’] Round­about?! I swear to God, it must have taken me about eight years to learn that bass line!

To me, Eloy are like a more com­pli­cated Pink Floyd. Their mu­sic has got more parts to it and it’s a lit­tle more in­tense. They were a phe­nom­e­nal band, prob­a­bly one of Ger­many’s best, and they re­ally helped me dis­cover that mu­sic doesn’t al­ways have to be straight­for­ward.

Dawn is my favourite Eloy record. I just love it and I lis­ten to it all the time. The be­gin­ning ba­si­cally starts with a sym­phony and within three min­utes you’re head-locked into a huge, heavy rock riff. They had a great bal­ance on the record and I re­ally en­joyed it. They pro­duced most of it them­selves as well. I think that re­ally shows in their mu­sic and the way they paint a land­scape with their songs.

I had kind of a prog band go­ing be­fore Mon­ster Truck. We were called Who’s Your Poet and we were into math rock. We had songs that had 20 riffs! The guitar player was a vir­tu­oso and, for me to keep up on bass, I had to learn how to show off. It taught me how to jam with peo­ple and it taught me how to play.

When I’m not play­ing, I lis­ten to think­ing man’s mu­sic. Por­cu­pine Tree were a good ex­am­ple of where prog is go­ing mu­si­cally now. I think Steven Wil­son is re­ally awe­some. I re­ally like Opeth as well. Prog is nice to play, but it’s nicer to lis­ten to.” NRS

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