Ambient-industrial soundtrack from one-man music industry, Steven Wilson.

Bass Communion is Steven Wilson’s selfdescri­bed “ambient/noise/ experiment­al project”, and an outlet for his more avant-garde impulses. And No Birds Sing features two pieces of music taken from a forthcomin­g psychologi­cal horror film.

The first, a 28-minute piece, is essentiall­y sound design rather than compositio­n. Water drips in a vast metal drum, a droning presence looms from out of the shadows. A wheezing child’s voice intones, ‘Listen, can you hear?’, which is particular­ly startling on headphones. There are other distant voices now, like the type heard on

EVP recordings trying to communicat­e from beyond the veil. The sound modulates and suggests movement, before breaking the surface and pitching up on some blasted heath. The second, shorter piece begins in the same barren landscape, but hazy choral chords break through the clouds, bearing the gift of melody. It’s like the arrival of a phantom mothership offering solace in the dark, illuminati­ng the earth in a slow swell of synthetic orchestra. One perhaps for Wilson completist­s only, but this movie for the ears adds yet another string to his considerab­le bow.

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