Riverside keyboardis­t strikes out alone with a chillingly cathartic collection.

Michał Łapaj helps to produce richly emotional material with Polish quartet Riverside so it’s no shock that the keyboard player brings the same atmospheri­c and melodic elegance to his debut solo album.

Are You There sees Łapaj teaming up with guests such as Antimatter singer Mick Moss, whose gruff yet dejected voice does wonders for the powerful regret of electro-rock elegy Flying Blind, and angelic Sorry Boys vocalist Bela Komoszy´nska, who adds impact to Shelter, an uplifting ballad full of serene synths. Unsurprisi­ngly, there are several standout instrument­al passages. Evocative prelude Pieces comprises sparse piano chords and foreboding programmed tones, In Limbo’s otherworld­ly mix of ambient dissonance, robotic rhythms and intersecti­ng melodic patterns is designed to be the musical equivalent of journeying through Purgatory, albeit in an engaging way.

Not every selection is entirely successful – Where Do We Run meanders around its electronic experiment­ations too much – but the rest help make Are You There a triumphant debut.

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