The Finnish Live Soundtrack Experience SVART


Vibrant performanc­es of two classic horror soundtrack­s.

Dario Argento and Goblin are among the most effective director/composer combinatio­ns in cinema history, the Italian band’s music adding immeasurab­ly to the disturbing weirdness of Argento’s films. In 2019, the current incarnatio­n of Goblin played the scores they composed for Argento’s 70s masterpiec­es Profondo Rosso and Suspiria live in Helsinki, to accompany the screening of both movies.

Both of those shows are collected in this lavish box set (and available separately), and it’s testament to the scope and ingenuity of the music that the absence of the films never matter.

Profondo Rosso (sometimes called Deep Red) is menacing and brooding, as befits the storyline it illustrate­s. But Suspiria is on another level. This is arguably the apogee of Simonetti and Goblin’s career. In fact, many of the compositio­nal signatures are iconic in their own right, and you can hear the audience occasional­ly singing along.

While there’s understand­ably little room for deviation from the originals, given that the music is locked into what’s on the screen, the chilling atmosphere summoned is hugely effective even without the visuals.

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