Live covers set from noir-ish Norwegians.

Susanna Wallumrød is best known as one half of Susanna And The Magical Orchestra, but she has a parallel penchant for cover versions. This set of live interpreta­tions, with her cousin David Wallumrød accompanyi­ng her on keyboards, was recorded in Oslo and Aker shortly before the pandemic times. The pair have been in bands together on and off since they were kids, and there’s a relaxed, unshowy aura to their empathic work on this album.

It’s not about reinventin­g the wheel, and they’re hardly the first to give a melancholy, sensitive, stripped-down reading of The Beatles’

For No One or Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel #2. At times, this does teeter on the edge of a cliff-fall into John Lewis Christmas ad territory. That they avoid that eventualit­y is down to Susanna’s astute pitching and timbre – never too emotive, never too frosty – and the fact the listener believes they’re inhabiting these worlds, however familiar.

If the (too) many Tom Waits songs strain a little, their take on Joni Mitchell’s This Flight Tonight is a masterclas­s in phrasing and Emmylou Harris’ Wrecking Ball dances deftly. A haunted karaoke booth.

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