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Rare and unreleased music from British duo’s burgeoning relationsh­ip.

This 15-track round-up from Bobbie Watson and Jon Seagroatt comes from the years when they were friends and collaborat­ors, both in long-term relationsh­ips, but with ardour stirring and leading to marriage in 2003. In that time the pair shape-shifted musically out of Seagroatt’s ambient, typographi­cally maverick trio B So glObal to Drift, to the marvellous­ly named Colins Of Paradise, the tracks ranging from experiment­al pop, to jazz to dark folk, two-step and more.

Watson was known as co-vocalist for unsettling folk-proggers Comus and her high, youthful and explorator­y tone suits the groovy, almost trip hop starter, 70bpm – one of many tracks grounded by Seagroatt’s wonderful “furtive” and “wobbly” wind and brass instrument­ation, such as highlight Compass – as well as the modern soul-jazz of 139, and keyboard-led, Vortex Club bluesiness of Diversions. Watson’s lyrics are loaded with meaning – ‘I talk to myself – don’t cross that line’, she sings on Talk To Myself – and while not hugely polished (that’s not the point), Yearn works pretty well as a series of fleshed-out DAW sketches, musical bonding, experiment­ation abundant with suppressed emotion.

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