Make fra­granced pa­per sa­chets

Print out your sheets fea­tur­ing il­lus­trated en­ve­lope tem­plates and fol­low our sim­ple in­struc­tions to cre­ate the set.

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We’ve in­cluded two print­able sheets fea­tur­ing eight beau­ti­fully il­lus­trated en­velopes in­spired by fruit, flow­ers, plants and na­ture to fill with lovely-smelling things – per­haps a lit­tle pot­pourri, dried petals, laven­der, es­sen­tial oil – or per­fume-in­fused pa­pers. Each en­ve­lope has a lightly pat­terned la­bel on the front so you can write a mes­sage or a scent-re­lated word – see page 48 for our ideas – al­ter­na­tively you can use a sharp nee­dle to fol­low the dot­ted pat­tern and punch small holes into your en­ve­lope, to en­cour­age the scent to per­me­ate. Once folded and filled, use th­ese en­velopes as scent sa­chets for cloth­ing draw­ers – they make a sweet new home gift. Al­ter­na­tively, you may wish to use them as mini en­velopes for tiny greet­ings and well-wishes and that’s a per­fectly won­der­ful way to use them too!

To make your set of en­velopes you’ll need the tem­plates, a pair of scis­sors or craft knife, dou­ble-sided tape or glue, a cut­ting mat, a ruler, a bone folder (op­tional) and Blu Tack.

1. Score down the whole length of the dot­ted fold lines us­ing a ruler and the blade of a pair of scis­sors, or a craft knife.

2. Cut out your en­ve­lope us­ing scis­sors.

3. Make crisp folds, press­ing down firmly with your fin­ger­tips, or use a bone folder if you have one.

4. As­sem­ble and stick the en­ve­lope to­gether us­ing glue or dou­ble-sided tape, leav­ing the top flap open. If you’re making scent sa­chets, pop your petals or per­fumed pa­pers inside and fix the flap down with a tiny blob of Blu Tack to tem­po­rar­ily seal it. Al­ter­na­tively, insert your greet­ing and gift to friends and fam­ily.



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