Carve a drift­wood tal­is­man

All sorts of nat­u­ral trea­sures can be found drift­ing down the river. Carve this tal­is­man out of drift wood and dec­o­rate with apy­rog­ra­phyp en to carry the river with you wher­ever you go.

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Search out a piece of drift­wood or buy a piece from a craft shop, then en­joy the med­i­ta­tive process of carv­ing and sand­ing your tal­is­man smooth. When burn­ing on to your de­sign, re­mem­ber that sim­plic­ity is best.

You will need:

A sharp carv­ing knife or penknife

A py­rog­ra­phy pen

A piece of drift­wood or green (fresh) wood


1. Draw a rough pen­cil out­line for your tal­is­man.

2. To hold your knife, tilt the top edge to­ward you and place your thumb along the blunt back of the blade. Keep your re­main­ing fin­gers out of the way by wrap­ping them around the han­dle, and be­gin to carve away from your body, shav­ing off small pieces of wood un­til you've formed a round shape.

3. When you are happy with your shape, you can ei­ther leave any nat­u­ral bumps, or use sand­pa­per to smooth down the whole piece.

4. Draw your river de­sign onto the tal­is­man and, fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions for your py­rog­ra­phy pen, burn your de­sign into the wood. If you go wrong, sim­ply sand down the sur­face and try again.

Help­ful hint:

To pro­tect your wood, try oil­ing it us­ing a clean rag and wal­nut, olive or lin­seed oil.



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