We asked Laura to set a col­lage chal­lenge, with some point­ers for ea sing your­self into the won­der­ful world of scis­sors, pa­per and glue.

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Laura says: Find a mag­a­zine. Open it ran­domly and make some­thing in­spired by just that one page. You have 15 min­utes to create some­thing brand new! Time con­straints and pa­ram­e­ters like this of­ten help to sim­ply get the process started. Try it and you’ll see just how ad­dic­tive col­lage is!

A word or two on… MA­TE­RI­ALS When I first started, I looked through mag­a­zines and pho­to­copied pages I liked so I could play around with them with­out fear of ‘mess­ing it up’. It’s a good way to create a safety net as you can al­ways pho­to­copy the page again. Re­ally em­brace play­ing around. Also, get your hands on some scrap pa­per and make marks on it with what­ever you have to hand – a felt tip, a crayon, a biro… Cut it up, scan it in, layer and tex­ture it, paint over it… What of­ten stops peo­ple is the thought of mak­ing some­thing fi­nal, but we’re just mak­ing for fun. That’s what’s so great about col­lage – if you don’t think you can draw, it’s easy to ‘ draw’ with printed pa­per in­stead.

A word or two on… COM­PO­SI­TION Sim­ply do what looks right to you. I used to make quite busy and lay­ered pieces but now I try to be quite min­i­mal. There are no rules – if you think it looks good, it does look good! Don’t let things like ‘the rule of thirds’ or keep­ing ev­ery­thing cen­tred stop you. The most in­ter­est­ing work of­ten comes from com­pletely dis­re­gard­ing all that per­ceived wis­dom. See Laura’s four vis­ual an­swers to this chal­lenge, right, for some in­spi­ra­tion to get you started.

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