Crys­tal prop­er­ties

Gram my-nom­i­nated mu­si­cian and sound hea ler, Yu­lia Van Doren guides us through on-body crys­tal heal­ing.

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Plac­ing crys­tals di­rectly on spe­cific points of the body ac­ti­vates heal­ing and recharg­ing. Our bod­ies are pow­ered by a vi­brant, rain­bow- coloured en­ergy sys­tem known as chakras. First writ­ten about over 4,000 years ago by holy monks in an­cient In­dia, chakras are en­ergy vor­texes that vi­brate within and around our bod­ies. We use our chakras con­stantly to draw in and ex­pend en­ergy, and a well-work­ing sys­tem is vi­tal to how healthy you feel. You have seven main chakras, run­ning from the bot­tom of your spine to the top of your head, each as­so­ci­ated with a spe­cific colour and en­ergy fo­cus. The chakra vor­texes along the front of your body are de­liv­ery sys­tems which move your en­ergy out into the world, and the chakra vor­texes along the back of your body re­ceive en­ergy and in­put. Ex­per­i­ment with the crys­tals on the next page – we’ve picked out three that are of­ten used to create singing bowls.

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