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Cho­sen by: Dave Rown­tree

“My favourite of Damon’s solo projects is The Good, The Bad & The Queen record. My favourite track is Her­culean, but the whole al­bum is ex­tra­or­di­nary. It’s very min­i­mal, it’s all about paint­ing pic­tures with the words. No in­stru­ment does more than it needs to. The bass part rat­tles out a few notes and then is silent for the rest of the bar, there’s drums play­ing a few syn­co­pated notes and then drop­ping out again. He stripped it right down un­til he could draw some­thing that was ob­vi­ously Damon with only half a dozen lines. It takes some­one of Damon’s vir­tu­os­ity to be able to do that. Damon’s songs were what marked him out for me. I’d played in lots of bands and there are lots of peo­ple who are great at play­ing the bass, there are lots of peo­ple who are great at the drums, but very few peo­ple who are great at writ­ing songs. It was ob­vi­ous right from the first point that I met Damon that he was one of those few peo­ple who could write songs and I quickly found out why – it’s be­cause that’s what he does. “When the rest of us are watch­ing TV, he’s writ­ing songs. He gets up, he writes songs. He’s al­ways got a hun­dred to pick from. Damon, seem­ingly ef­fort­lessly but ac­tu­ally with an aw­ful lot of ef­fort, just seems to gush these bril­liant pop tunes be­cause that’s what he does. He’s play­ing in South Amer­ica around his birth­day so I’ll sur­prise him and pop out and say hello. The day af­ter his birth­day he’s play­ing in Colom­bia, and I’ll be in North Amer­ica so I’m go­ing to hop on a plane and go and see the show.”

Royal stan­dard: The Good, The Bad & The Queen in 2006.

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