Pat Nevin

Ex-i nter­nat iona l footba l ler, Broad­caster

Q (UK) - - Cure -

Pri­mary (from Faith, 1981)

“I love ev­ery­thing from Faith. When this came out some peo­ple thought it was sub Joy Di­vi­sion, but I loved it. Yes, it was quite fu­ne­real but I’m al­right with that! The brav­ery of go­ing so sparse with it re­ally im­pressed me. Ev­ery­one thought if you lis­tened to The Cure you walked around with a big doom-and-gloom coat on and were de­pressed all the time, but that wasn’t the case. Don’t try and put it on dur­ing the day though, it re­ally doesn’t work. It re­minds me of be­ing a stu­dent in Glas­gow. I was play­ing foot­ball at the time and Chelsea tried to buy me but I turned them down for an en­tire year, which peo­ple couldn’t be­lieve. I was per­fectly happy be­ing a scruffy stu­dent lis­ten­ing to The Cure. When I did move to London I still played it all the time. I was quite se­ri­ous-minded at the time. I was read­ing Russian and Ger­man lit­er­a­ture, French ex­is­ten­tial­ist stuff, which fit­ted in with it all. Were there many other play­ers at Chelsea who shared those interests? Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute: No.”

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