Andrew Van Wyn­gar­den


Q (UK) - - Cure -

Faith (from Faith, 1981)

“I can talk for a long time about The Cure, and, for me, it’s all about this one song, the last song on Faith. I went through a lit­tle trough in 2014, where I was only lis­ten­ing to this song, and then Romeo’s Dis­tress by Chris­tian Death. It re­ally took me to a dark place, where I had to ac­tu­ally pull out of it. So I know ev­ery line, ev­ery tone. The song is just so in­tense. I don’t even know what he’s talk­ing about: ‘Rape me like a child/Chris­tened in blood.’ Er, ex­cuse me?! But I love singing along to it. It’s not ex­actly The Love­cats, but it’s just got that emo­tional pull, for me, the re­al­ness. It’s just raw. I feel like his sad­der points, it’s an­guish, and it’s cool to hear that now, in the con­text of a few years later he was mak­ing these gi­ant pop songs. He re­sus­ci­tated him­self, and pulled him­self out.”

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