Lykke Li’s ups & downs

Q (UK) - - Lykke Li -

She sang on U2’s 2014 al­bum Songs Of In­no­cence

“Dan­ger Mouse [ pro­ducer] reached out to me, ‘Can you come and sing?’ I was like, ‘I can’t sing but I’ll try.’ They brought me into the stu­dio with Bono. He was so nice and it seemed like he was a fan. I said, ‘I’m slightly tone deaf.’ He was like, ‘You can do this!’ He came into the vo­cal booth and shouted: ‘Do it like Nina Si­mone!’”

Drake never called her back

Li cov­ered Hold On, We’re Go­ing Home as a plea to col­lab­o­rate. “I’m still like, ‘Please call me some time!’ I would want noth­ing more. I don’t know if he ever heard it. If he had, though, he would have hit me up, right? There’s so much shit of his that I love. Like Hot­line Bling? Wow. I don’t know about the mo­ment he’s in right now. You can’t win ev­ery time. Ev­ery­one has ebbs and flows.”

Her song I Fol­low Rivers was cov­ered on TV show Glee

“For me, it’s the high­est re­ward as a song­writer if some­one else wants to sing your song. With that it’s like, ‘Oh my God, I made it.’ It’s a dream come true.”

She met Kanye West

Li rolls her eyes. “It’s not my place to talk about [ his re­cent con­tro­ver­sies]. I met him a cou­ple of times. He’s very smart and elo­quent with the way he thinks. I to­tally hear what he’s try­ing to say but I shouldn’t start fires.”

She fought with Rostam Bat­man­glij in the stu­dio a lot

“I love him but he is dif­fi­cult to work with. He wanted to do this coun­try song on gui­tar, and I was like, ‘No. I don’t wanna do that.’ We’d fight. He’d say, ‘Lykke, just fuck­ing trust me.’”

She’s found her in­ner hip-hop al­ter ego with Ken­drick La­mar pro­ducer DJ Dahi

“He is so hand­some. I was like, ‘Tell me ev­ery­thing. How did you do this Ken­drick song?’ It’s so nice to be in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent place where you know noth­ing. We wrote [ the song] Sex Money Feel­ings Die. It’s my [ equiv­a­lent of of] Gin­uwine’s Pony. I just wish some­one would play it at a club.”

She “acted” in Ter­rence Mal­ick’s Song To Song (2017) op­po­site Ryan Gosling

“I’m not a good ac­tress. I only wanna do things that are real. Ter­rence wants you to be free and fol­low im­pulses so it’s the same as mak­ing mu­sic. ”

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