Alex Turner’s bezzie takes a break from liv­ing la vida loca in LA to talk leather strides, Lana Del Rey and beans on toast.


It’s a scorch­ing June day on Santa Mon­ica beach in Los An­ge­les and things are look­ing bright for Miles Kane. Hav­ing trav­elled down from his apart­ment in the shadow of the fa­mous Ob­ser­va­tory in nearby Grif­fith Park, the rest of the morn­ing is go­ing to be filled with noth­ing more gru­elling than hav­ing a cof­fee while watch­ing Spain and Por­tu­gal bat­tle it out in the World Cup. It’s a tough life, but for­tune has tended to look kindly upon Kane. Born in Birken­head in 1986, he struck up one of mod­ern pop’s most en­dur­ing bro­mances with Alex Turner when the rel­a­tively un­known band he played gui­tar in, The Lit­tle Flames, sup­ported Arc­tic Mon­keys in 2005. Among fans, the pair even have their own port­man­teau celebrity name: Milex. Cat­a­pulted into the spot­light as one half of The Last Shadow Pup­pets along­side Turner, he en­joyed a brief stint fronting his own band The Ras­cals, a suc­cess­ful solo ca­reer and an en­vi­able ex­tracur­ric­u­lar jam­boree of celebrity pals and su­per­model girl­friends. With his third solo al­bum, Coup De Grace, out in Au­gust, surely there’s not much more he could want for… “Do you pay peo­ple for these?” Kane en­quires, sit­ting down with a hand­ful of ques­tions from the Q read­ers. “Twenty-five quid? Who have you got next month? I’m go­ing to write in, I might get 25 pounds…” For now, though, it’s Kane’s turn to be grilled. Your new al­bum is called Coup De Grace. How’s your French? Matt Clarke, Streatham Ab­so­lutely ter­ri­ble. I did Span­ish for GCSE, we didn’t even do French at my school. My Span­ish is slightly bet­ter. I can say, “Ho­tel, muy bien” and “muy ex­ce­lente”… “a la izquierda…” Which I think means, “Let’s go straight” or “let’s go left.” Which is fine, but what if I wanna go right? I don’t have a load of help­ful stock phrases in dif­fer­ent lan­guages. I am more the sort of speak­ing loudly and mak­ing hand ges­tures kind of guy abroad, yeah.

Di­rec­tor Sam Tay­lor-Wood of­fered you the role of John Len­non in 2009 film Nowhere Boy – how do you think your life would have panned out if you’d ac­cepted? Leanne Forbes, Wi­gan Well, I would have ended up mar­ry­ing her, wouldn’t I? [ The even­tual choice, Aaron Tay­lorJohn­son, mar­ried Wood in 2012]. At the time I was young, we were do­ing The Last Shadow Pup­pets and I re­mem­ber be­ing like, “Oh no, if I do that I’ll never be able to make mu­sic again.” I got re­ally para­noid about it. It’s more ac­cept­able now to do other things. If I did that now, no one would bat an eye­lid, but then, maybe be­cause I was young and I hadn’t done what I wanted to do yet, I wasn’t ready. I wish I had done it in a way, it’d just be fun to look back at that with me mates and laugh.

What do you miss most about the UK? Martin Jupp, via Q Mail I don’t want to be clichéd and say the pub and all that. This prob­a­bly sounds cheesy, but it’s know­ing that my mum is closer. We’re very close, we speak ev­ery day, but know­ing that if I was in Lon­don she could just a get a train from Liver­pool or vice versa. And with some friends, just know­ing that they’re around. When you don’t have that, you miss it. You take it for granted. Also, I’m a fuck­ing sucker for beans on toast. I have to have that shit when I come back to get my fix.

You re­cently worked with Lana Del Rey and Jamie T. How did that come about? Sally Marfleet, via Q Mail Jamie was do­ing a gig here last Jan­uary and we’d booked a week to do some writ­ing to­gether. When I walked into his gig, Lana was there. He was just play­ing this small acous­tic show, I was like, “Wow, weird.” I’d met her at a fes­ti­val so went over and said, “I didn’t know you were a fan of Jamie T.” She said she was with her friend who was a fan so thought she’d come along. We started hav­ing a chat, I said me and Jamie were go­ing to be writ­ing some tunes round my apart­ment and she said, “Oh, I’d love to hear that.” The next day me and Jamie were sat on the sofa and she FaceTimed us. Straight in on the FaceTime, no text or any­thing. We were like, “No fuck­ing way!” She came over that af­ter­noon, we were writ­ing the sin­gle Loaded, we had the cho­rus and she said, “Can I try some­thing?” It was mega, her bit pissed over ours so we used it. She was there in per­son at that point, she wasn’t still on FaceTime like a holo­gram

in the room. We re­ally hit a groove, me and Lana, we wrote a lot of tunes to­gether that day that I think we’ll do some­thing with.

Neigh­bours or Home And Away? Char­lotte Si­mons, Down­ham Mar­ket Back in the day I was Home And Away. Con­tro­ver­sial, yeah. There must have been a rea­son, a char­ac­ter I liked, but Home And Away was the one, I do re­mem­ber that quite clearly. I used to love Coro­na­tion Street too, I used to buzz off Steve Mc­Don­ald. He was in a con­stant state of stress. I al­ways felt sorry for Steve Mc­Don­ald, hav­ing a night­mare con­stantly with that wor­ried face on.

How would you de­scribe your cur­rent look in un­der five words? Kathryne Marks, via Q Mail The vibe I’m on at the minute is a suit with a T-shirt. I’ve got these re­ally high Chelsea boots, stonewashed denim jeans and this old-school Neil Young T-shirt that I’ve re­ally been lov­ing… [ thinks] Al Pa­cino meets Neil Young, how many words is that? Five, per­fect.

You and Alex Turner were pho­tographed a few years ago wear­ing match­ing leather trousers. Af­ter a long hot day were they quite hard to get out of? Ur­sula Deighton, Cork Are you re­fer­ring to the red leather trousers? His were black, mine were red, let’s get that straight. They were re­ally com­fort­able, ac­tu­ally. Sur­pris­ingly breath­able. I didn’t have to use tal­cum pow­der or any­thing to get out of them, for­tu­nately. What’s been my worst fash­ion faux pas? Prob­a­bly eye­liner. I’ve never had a pair of Crocs and I’m not a fan of an Ugg boot. On girls they’re cool but a guy in Ugg boots, you know what I mean? Get­ting on the Tube and that, it’s just a mess.

Out­side of mu­sic, what is your most im­pres­sive skill? Jenny Gol­borne, via Q Mail Do­ing noth­ing is what I’m great at, just sit­ting on the fuck­ing couch. In terms of other in­ter­ests… I’d like to try a bit of pot­tery, that sounds re­lax­ing. Just sit­ting around the pot­ter’s wheel, that’s where I’m head­ing.

You switched foot­ball club al­le­giances from Manch­ester Utd to Liver­pool a while back. Did you get a lot of stick for it? Neil Bar­nett, Ch­ester­field It was some­thing I should have done a long time ago, re­ally. All my mates were very happy with it. My un­cle sort of brought me up and he was into Man Utd. It was just an­noy­ing and I thought, “If I have a kid, I want him to sup­port Liver­pool.” That was the rea­son­ing be­hind it. I was re­ally into foot­ball when I was younger, I was re­ally good at it. I was go­ing to play for Tran­mere Rovers but when I came to do the tri­als I lost my bot­tle. I was get­ting bigged up and then when I didn’t make the team it sort of crushed me and put me off foot­ball. I still like it, but I used to be ob­sessed with it. [ Q points out that prob­a­bly counts as a “skill” in re­gard to the pre­vi­ous ques­tion] Oh yeah! Keepie-ups was my thing, I could do hun­dreds, all day ev­ery day, man.

When was the last time you made a tit of your­self in front of some­one fa­mous? Lisa Ryan, via Q Mail Prob­a­bly loads of times but I can’t think of

“The leather trousers were re­ally com­fort­able. Sur­pris­ingly breath­able.”

the last one. It does hap­pen. I’m not say­ing that I never make a tit out of my­self and I’m Mr Cool. Maybe it’s be­cause it hap­pens so of­ten, it’s a daily sce­nario. I don’t re­ally get star-struck, though. I do re­mem­ber when I first met Liam Gal­lagher my body went [ sucks in breath]. I never used to col­lect au­to­graphs as a kid or any­thing like that. I loved stick­ers, any kind of sticker book and I was mad on fuck­ing Pogs. They were a big one for me, and Ta­zos you used to get in crisps, all that gear.

You’re ob­sessed with WWF, if you were a wrestler what would you be called and what would your sig­na­ture move be? Andy Baker, Lewes My mates call me “the hur­ri­cane” so I’d have to go with that. I al­ways won­der what kind of a wrestler I’d be. Would I be high-fly­ing and do­ing the splits? I’d prob­a­bly go for some sort of [ in­verted head­lock] DDT move. I love [’ 90s wrestler] Ric Flair and his per­sona, grab­bing the mi­cro­phone and los­ing his shit like a badass. The ques­tion is what sort of leo­tard should I have on. I’m sur­prised I haven’t been wear­ing one on­stage to be hon­est. That’s next, get­ting the stage set up like a ring.

What’s the long­est you’ve ever gone with­out a shower? Petey Daniels, via Q Mail I don’t un­der­stand peo­ple who don’t have a shower, if they miss hav­ing a shower in the day… I just can’t, I don’t un­der­stand that. You’ve got to have one ev­ery day, there’s no ex­cuse. I do love a bath too, get the speak­ers in there and lis­ten to some tunes.

Who would you most like to play FIFA against? Lozan Fatihi, via Twit­ter You know that foot­baller [ Ade­bayo “The Beast”] Ak­in­fenwa? I want to play him. I was talk­ing about this the other day. I met him years ago on Soc­cer AM, we had a bit of ban­ter and then he came to my gig in Brix­ton. He’s such a nice fella. He tweeted me a few weeks ago and I tweeted him back and was sort of be­ing like, “I’m gonna whoop your ass on FIFA!” and then he’s like, “Let’s get it on!” So it’s be­com­ing a re­al­ity, it’s set in mo­tion, let’s add more fuel to the fire.

Of all your fa­mous friends, who has the nicest toi­let? Keith Barker, Poole Oh my good­ness. I don’t know, they’re all pretty stan­dard. I wish I knew some­one who had one of those Ja­pa­nese toi­lets. Sting’s got one, has he? I bet he does, I bet he puts on a suit to use it. I’d like one that pol­ishes your shoes while you’re on it. Imag­ine that. That would be great, wouldn’t it? Kill two birds with one stone. Per­haps we should put one out?

What­ever hap­pened to the film you and Alex were sup­posed to be mak­ing? Cara Michaels, Sh­effield It started as a joke but it did come to the point where we were like, “Should we ac­tu­ally write this?” We said it was go­ing to be like X-Men but set in the ’ 60s. That just sells it­self, doesn’t it? I think it was just a test to see how far we could push it [ in in­ter­views]. There’s still time to do it!

What’s your worst habit? Kelly Peter­son, via Q Mail Smok­ing. I quit and then I started again. It creeps back in if I have a drink. I did [ stop for] a cou­ple of months last year, then it creeped in over Christ­mas. If I’ve had a drink I’ve had a cou­ple. That’s a slip­pery slope, once you start do­ing that then you’ll start smok­ing in the day. I wouldn’t try va­p­ing, that looks stupid. I can’t be ar­sed car­ry­ing around this big fuck­ing metal thing. It looks like a grenade in your hand, where do you put it? It’s ev­ery­where in LA but it looks hor­ren­dous, it’s like hav­ing a dummy in your mouth.

Tran­quil­ity Base Ho­tel & Casino, the new Arc­tic Mon­keys al­bum, has loads of spe­cial guests – of which you are not one. Did you feel left out not to be in­cluded? Paul Gar­side, via Q Mail [ Mock in­dig­na­tion] How dare they?!? No, not at all. They didn’t need me to do that. I love that record. I haven’t come on­stage to do [ Arc­tic Mon­keys’ Favourite Worst Night­mare al­bum track] 505 with them for a long time. We’re do­ing a cou­ple of fes­ti­vals to­gether this year, so you never know.

What do you wear in bed? Steve Cricco, via Q Mail

Py­ja­mas. The proper two-piece but­ton-ups with a lit­tle pocket. The clas­sic. I do like a pair of py­ja­mas.

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“We re­ally hit a groove”: With writ­ing part­ner Lana Del Rey in West Hol­ly­wood.

Beans on toast: Miles “has to have that shit” when he’s in the UK.

True bro­mance: Miles Kane with his best buddy, Arc­tic Mon­keys’ Alex Turner (left), Paris Fash­ion Week, 2014.

Kane-ing it: (from left) dressed as WWF star Ric Flair for a Hal­loween party, 2015; lov­ing the ban­ter with Ade­bayo “The Beast” Ak­in­fenwa on Soc­cer AM, 2013.

Potty talk: Miles wants a toi­let that pol­ishes his shoes at the same time.

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