St­eff lon Don The Queen of Dance­hall dis­cusses cup­cakes, fin­ger tat­toos and shoplift­ing wa­ter pis­tols.

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The Queen of Dance­hall on cup­cakes, fin­ger tat­toos and speak­ing Dutch.

When did some­one last call you Stephanie? When­ever some­body says that, I straight­away look at them like, “Oh my gosh!” Be­cause no­body calls me Stephanie, apart from my mum. When did you last get in­spi­ra­tion for a song? Last night, ac­tu­ally. I was around the kitchen ta­ble with my mates, freestyling. I recorded it onto my phone so now I’ve just got to go into the stu­dio and lay it down. When did you last get ner­vous? I don’t get ner­vous very of­ten, but I do get ner­vous imag­in­ing meet­ing Lil’ Kim. We’ve not met, but we do talk via mes­sag­ing. To me it’s just crazy you see some­one like her when you’re a kid and grow­ing up and they’re still around now and you can ac­tu­ally in­ter­act with them. She’s such a leg­end. When did you last break the law? Oh my gosh, you can’t snitch on me if I say this! I dunno, can’t re­mem­ber… Maybe it was in school when I stole from the shop and got caught. It was sum­mer­time and me and my broth­ers didn’t have any money but we re­ally wanted some wa­ter pis­tols. So we ran into this shop, grabbed the pis­tols and ran out. How­ever, our plan to­tally back­fired as the se­cu­rity saw us run­ning and jumped on us, ha­haha! That was so crazy. They took us into the back room of the shop to take our pic­tures and we were just like do­ing these poses. They showed us pho­tos of other peo­ple they’d caught and we were like, “Yeah, I know this per­son, and this one…” It was ac­tu­ally quite funny. When did you last bake a cake? I made some cup­cakes re­cently. I love bak­ing and used to watch The Great Bri­tish Bake Off all the time when I worked in a cake shop. But I can tell you, the peo­ple on that show are on such a higher level than me that they made me look like a begin­ner. Back then I did think, “Why don’t I go on …Bake Off – I’d be good?” I hope I would’ve been! What was the last tat­too that you had? I had one done on my fin­ger last Tues­day. It says Real Ting, which is the name of my first sin­gle and mix­tape. Tat­toos on your fin­ger kind of hurt. When did you last get mad? Oh, yes­ter­day. I had a lit­tle get-to­gether at my house and my friend was ill from drink­ing too much and eat­ing too much tacos. He de­cided to be sick all over my bath­room tiles. I was a bit mad, but not for long. What’s the last book you read? I’m re-read­ing a re­ally good book about the power of the law of at­trac­tion. I’ve learnt that you can con­trol your emo­tions through your thoughts, so if you change your thought process, you can ac­tu­ally al­ter the way that you feel about some­thing. When did you last eat meat? About six or seven months ago, I ate fried chicken. I was a pescatar­ian be­fore that for over a year, then I re­laxed, then I went back. So now I’m a pescatar­ian again. [ Starts rap­ping] “I just nor­mally eat, but with­out the meat…” I en­joy cook­ing but I can’t say I’ve re­ally mas­tered how to cook vege­tar­ian food yet. When did you last speak Dutch? Ear­lier to­day. I lived in Rot­ter­dam from age four to 14, and my sis­ters and broth­ers speak it, so I’m talk­ing Dutch all the time. But I’ve not been back to the Nether­lands for a long time.

When did you last dye your hair? I ac­tu­ally dyed it black a cou­ple of months ago. It was go­ing a bit brown, which is my nat­u­ral hair colour, so I thought if I dyed it black it’ll go a bit more shiny and healthy. I used to be a hair­dresser, so I do it my­self on some oc­ca­sions. When did you last cook a meal for some­one? I made break­fast this morn­ing for my fam­ily. Omelette and toast. De­li­cious. What’s the last thing you’d do be­fore the apoca­lypse? Find my nine-year-old son and my mum. And be with them. What’s the last thing you think about be­fore go­ing to sleep at night? How to ac­cu­mu­late more money, haha! Does that keep me awake at night? No.

Stefflon Don, aka Stephanie Allen, wigs out.

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