The Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart man is a cult hero who’d never won an award be­fore. We rec­ti­fied that. “Mav­er­icks should be no­ticed and re­warded and looked af­ter,” he says.

Q (UK) - - Awards 2018 - Pre­sen­ter: Jarvis Cocker IAN HAR­RI­SON

Hi, Lawrence, how does it feel to win the Q Mav­er­ick award?

It feels re­ally great. I’ve never won an award be­fore! I feel like I’ve al­ways been a mav­er­ick – they’ve just found out about it and given me an award for it. When I was at school, I was al­ways dif­fer­ent from the other boys. I was a cut above, with the sharpest shoes and clothes. At home, I could only eat cer­tain foods, like crin­kle-cut frozen chips. I wanted to do some­thing that was re­ally free and ex­press my­self, to be, like, an un­der­ground fig­ure but to take it into the charts. To not change or be changed by the in­dus­try. To re­main an out­sider. Mav­er­icks should be no­ticed and re­warded and looked af­ter and al­ways fea­tured in mag­a­zines, be­cause with­out mav­er­icks we’ve just got a bland mu­sic scene! But like I said in my speech, “I don’t want to say thank you to God be­cause I think I did this all by my­self.”

Are you still into Char­ity Din­gle off Em­merdale?

No, I’ve gone off her. She’s be­come like a nor­mal soap char­ac­ter now. I tell you who’s great, there’s a young drug dealer in East­End­ers [ Jag­ger Raw­ley, played by Aaron Thomas Ward]. He’s the best ac­tor on TV at the mo­ment. I re­ally be­lieve he’s a drug dealer from the streets in the East End and they’ve just hauled him in. He’s amaz­ing!

You’re a stylish dresser. Do you get much at­ten­tion in the street?

When I walk out the door… I don’t get that much at­ten­tion to be hon­est, the hard­est thing is when I’m walk­ing round the East End, and like, a lot of peo­ple call me madam! I find that re­ally an­noy­ing. They think I’m a lit­tle old lady. It’s in Whitechapel that it hap­pens mostly. I’m an ob­server, and I ob­serve peo­ple, but they’re not do­ing any watch­ing be­cause they’d re­alise there’s so many dif­fer­ent facets of hu­man­ity in Lon­don. They’re stuck in a stereo­typ­i­cal male [ mind­set].

Are you the Mor­ris­sey it’s still pos­si­ble to like?

That’s a quote. You’ve got it.

“When I’m walk­ing round the East End, a lot of peo­ple call me madam.” Lawrence

“The Mor­ris­sey it’s still pos­si­ble to like”: Lawrence (with Jarvis) on­stage at the Q Awards.

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