Cre­ate and Craft’s Stephanie Weightman gives you an in­sight into where it all be­gan…

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“From as far back as I can re­mem­ber, craft­ing has been my pas­sion. As a child, I would spend end­less hours sit­ting on the back door step, en­grossed in mak­ing dolls’ clothes out of dif­fer­ent coloured tis­sue pa­per and mak­ing birth­day cards for all my friends.”

Cre­ate and Craft pre­sen­ter, Stephanie Weightman, is a pas­sion­ate crafter with a vast range of skills from which to choose for her lively and in­for­ma­tive demon­stra­tions. She looks to make craft ap­proach­able, fun and some­thing for all the fam­ily to do and, for Stephanie, craft­ing is a way of life.

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