Death to th­ese foul ma­chines

Ian Har­ri­son rails against the dam­age done by roulette ter­mi­nals

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Iwent to Malta on March15 for a week which meant that I missed Chel­tenham. My clients came in for the month on a re­duced fee to com­pen­sate but I don’t like the Fes­ti­val meet­ing at all be­cause horses die there and ev­ery­thing is too com­pet­i­tive for me. I like to find my selections with pos­si­bly only one dan­ger in the field and you could never say that about the Fes­ti­val. My clients won’t be miss­ing any­thing be­cause I never give tips there.It is ad­mit­tedly a won­der­ful spec­ta­cle but I will miss it this year.It’s the same with Royal As­cot,I miss that out too.

I have spent the last cou­ple of years be­moan­ing the fact that the non-hand­i­cap races have dis­ap­peared thanks to the bookie’s reps on the BHA board.

Amaz­ingly my Race Read­ing Method pro­vides the best re­sults from hand­i­caps be­cause of the higher prices. So a big thankyou is due to those self same book­ies reps on the BHA.It has got to the state now where I place my bet and wait to be handed my win­nings.

Mugs are still los­ing money on the roulette ma­chines. Peo­ple are re­ally get­ting into a lot of trou­ble through them.It is all very sad. Here are some facts.

There are 500,000 known prob­lem gam­blers in the UK. That fig­ure has in­creased by 50% in the last five years. The book­mak­ers make £1,000 a week from each ma­chine. A Daily Mail reporter in­ter­viewed a trou­bled bar­ris­ter who lost £3,000 in one ses­sion and there have been di­vorces,job losses and sui­cides be­cause of th­ese foul ma­chines.

For cen­turies the best brains have failed to beat roulette. Why don’t th­ese peo­ple lis­ten? It’s a lot bet­ter to build a for­tune slowly on the horses but the word ‘slowly’ puts th­ese gam­blers off. We sadly live in an age of in­stant grat­i­fi­ca­tion or,as in most cases,oops,that’s the house­keep­ing gone.

Ninety three coun­cils have asked the govern­ment to re­duce the max­i­mum stake to £2 but have been ig­nored.

The Cab­i­net has now blocked a re­view of the sit­u­a­tion af­ter be­ing wined and dined by the book­ies with vis­its to As­cot and Chel­tenham.The govern­ment will do ab­so­lutely noth­ing be­cause it is rak­ing in a 25% tax.

The mar­ket is worth £1.7 bil­lion so the Trea­sury is get­ting £450 mil­lion in tax.

I have had some queries about the Race Read­ing Method. It cov­ers jumps and the Flat and at the mo­ment is go­ing great guns on the All Weather. It takes 20 min­utes to find that you have no bet to­day. If you find a qual­i­fier it will take a fur­ther 20 min­utes to check it out. You can find your selections the evening be­fore.

That’s all.I wish you all the best of luck.

Ian Har­ri­son has man­aged Gold­crest for 31 years.The ‘Race Read­ing Method’ is avail­able by snail mail or e-mail. His first novel, is avail­able on Ama­zon and is get­ting good re­views.

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