Ian Har­ri­son is an­gry over the so-called ex­perts who ex­ploit gullible pun­ters

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Ian Har­ri­son ex­plains why he wouldn’t touch cer­tain tipsters

First I owe a num­ber of read­ers an apol­ogy.Those who took up my of­fer of a free month in Novem­ber sud­denly found that I had dis­ap­peared. No more e-mails, but that was due to the fact that my e-mail ad­dress had bro­ken down…again.Please come back for a free De­cem­ber.

When you see the re­sults that you missed I am sure you will come back. My new e-mail ad­dress is: ian­har­ri­son@pn­, which is linked with my book pub­lisher and should be quite safe. It has ex­isted for five years. I will write down your ad­dresses this time so that you don’t get lost again.

Gold­crest was started in 1985 be­cause I wrote a book called The Sil­ver Ring which out­lined a num­ber of win­ner-find­ing meth­ods. There was a sur­pris­ing re­sult from this pub­li­ca­tion,read­ers were ask­ing me to start a tip­ping ser­vice. I swiftly dis­cov­ered that a rac­ing tip­ster was just one rung up from the old­est pro­fes­sion.Some would say one rung down be­cause at least the old­est pro­fes­sion de­liv­ers.

So this re­tired lec­turer had slipped from an hon­ourable pro­fes­sion to a dis­hon­ourable one in one swift move.When I saw for my­self some of the dodgy ad­ver­tis­ing go­ing on I determined that Gold­crest would re­main hon­est, and to this day I al­ways show the strike rate and ex­actly how many losers we had. If you wish to see the Novem­ber Re­sult Sheet just e-mail me for it. Gold­crest re­mains an hon­est ser­vice.

I got re­ally an­gry when a friend of mine was ripped of badly by a crook who reg­u­larly ad­ver­tises in a rac­ing pa­per. The ad­verts stated clearly that the tip­ster was giv­ing only one or two bets a week and the ad­verts showed win­nings in the hun­dreds of thou­sands.This of course filled you with con­fi­dence be­cause every­body knows that the rac­ing pa­pers proof their ad­verts. My friend gave me the re­sult sheets which were only avail­able af­ter he had paid up and joined.

My friend told me that he had taken one look at these re­sults and had im­me­di­ately e-mailed for a re­fund but he couldn’t get his money be­cause the tip­ster only ac­cepted a di­rect bank pay­ment or cash.I found one month where the tip­ster had given 18 bets and there were many months where there were four or five bets in one day. He was mak­ing a small profit but boosted the to­tals by ap­ply­ing £200 stakes which climbed to £1,200 when he ap­plied his points sys­tem. The ab­so­lute worst bit,though,was the 1 point each way on ev­ery­thing.I found 8/15 each way and dozens of each way bets at 7/2 or less. Who the hell is go­ing to do that? And he hailed all the los­ing each way bets as a ‘suc­cess’.I joined him to find the truth and im­me­di­ately lost £195. He was re­cently shout­ing about a string of 12 ‘suc­cesses’ which lost money over­all.When my friend com­plained his e-mails were cut off.

My friend com­plained to the Ad­ver­tis­ing Stan­dards Agency be­cause the rac­ing pa­per in ques­tion is also com­plicit in this swin­dle by al­low­ing such rub­bish to appear. There are lots of com­plaints about this tip­ster on Google,the main one be­ing that you can never get his quoted prices.

Never,ever join a tip­ster who can’t show you his re­sults in full.Check on the in­ter­net to see what oth­ers have to say.

I have bat­tled to find the an­swer to hand­i­caps. For many years I sur­vived on low priced favourites in non hand­i­caps but they have gone and I con­cen­trated on find­ing the hand­i­cap an­swer.I think I have suc­ceeded.

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