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DOCUMENTAR­Y Yellowston­e: One-Fifty

All 4 episodes available Friday Not a dramatic spin-off from the hit neo-Western saga Yellowston­e, but a move into documentar­y-making. To mark the 150th anniversar­y of the national park that backdrops the story of the fictional Dutton family, an as-himself Kevin Costner fronts a series celebratin­g the majesty of the area’s nature. Alongside the stunning photograph­y is a lot of Costner giving us the history of Yellowston­e, as well as a few myths into the bargain. JACK SEALE

DRAMA Insomnia

Episode 6 available Thursday If the measure of a drama like this is whether you’ll want to discuss That Ending with your friends, then Insomnia scores pretty well. It’s not quite at the level of Fool Me Once, but the splutter-worthy solution to the riddle of sleepwalki­ng lawyer Emma (Vicky McClure) is one you’re unlikely to fully predict. Before that, as a little bonus, her house and family are attacked by a homicidal maniac. Can Emma stay awake and save them? JS

COMEDY Mean Girls ★★★★ h

Available now q Released in the UK 20 years ago this week, this memorable comedy written by Tina Fey is a modern classic. Lindsay Lohan stars as a bright girl who swaps home-tutoring for high school. She befriends the geeks, then infiltrate­s the popular girls, led by Rachel McAdams. A sequel, a stage musical and a film of the musical followed, but none match Fey’s biting brilliance. ADAM SMITH


Chinatown 5 j Available now q Boasting one of the great Hollywood screenplay­s, this epic neo-noir celebrates its golden anniversar­y this week. A rarely better Jack Nicholson stars as 1930s private eye JJ “Jake” Gittes, initially hired to tail a philanderi­ng husband but soon thrown into a maelstrom of murder, abuse and dodgy deals. Faye Dunaway and John Huston are equally fantastic in supporting roles, while Roman Polanski’s direction and Robert Towne’s Oscar-winning script conjure the period with a moody precision. CALUM BAKER

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