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RAF ATC Profiles 1: Northolt



NOTES (A-Z) Aircraft inbound to Northolt.

The standard routes for inbound aircraft to Northolt are the same as those for London Heathrow. They may, however, be varied at the discretion of ATC. Inbound aircraft, after the clearance limit, will be radarvecto­red and issued with descent clearance by Heathrow Director. Ground Movement

Aircraft are to remain with Northolt Ground 121.575MHz when manoeuvrin­g around the aerodrome. After landing, aircraft are not to be taxied off the runway until instructed by ATC. Helicopter Operations

Helicopter Operating Area: between taxiways Alpha and Golf, north of Runway 07/25. Helipad South: adjacent to the eastern end of ASP1, marked with an ‘H’. When Northolt is closed: Heli routes / Aerodrome Traffic Zones transits are controlled by Heathrow Radar on 125.625MHz. Mode-S Barometric Pressure Setting Data.

London Terminal Control can downlink Mode-S Barometric Pressure Setting (BPS) data. Therefore, if the downlinked pressure data is at variance with the BPS expected by Air Traffic control, pilots can expect an additional challenge. When ATC pass a reminder of the appropriat­e BPS, it is anticipate­d that the aircrew will cross check the altimeter settings and confirm ‘set’. Training

Practice asymmetric approaches and landings are not permitted. Use of Runways

Runway direction comparable to Heathrow. Tailwind component may be experience­d occasional­ly. Aircraft unable to complete an approach to the duty runway with a tailwind component should notify Northolt Director at the earliest opportunit­y. Aircraft departing Northolt, and which are unable to accept a tailwind component, are to inform Northolt Tower at the earliest opportunit­y. Visual Circuits:

Visual Circuit available by prior permission only. Circuit Directions: Runway 07 - Left Hand. Runway 25 - Right Hand. All to the north to avoid Heathrow traffic. Warnings

Approaches to Runway 07 are offset by 30 degrees to the left of the centre line until 4.2nm from touchdown, to deconflict with Heathrow traffic. Denham Aerodrome is 4nm NW of Northolt, circuit altitude 1000ft. All departures from Northolt Runway 25 are to ensure they cross the Denham ATZ not below 1500ft QNH. There are uncontroll­ed vehicles on public highways in the undershoot to both runways 07 and 25.

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