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A Major Upgrade for AN-SOF’s Modelling Simulation Software

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There has been a significan­t upgrade to the AN-SOF antenna modelling simulation software (AN-SOF 6). Significan­t because, for example, the program now allows for wires close to (or connected to) ground and radial ground plane with buried wires (see below). There are new preset lists of soil/ground conditions (previously users had to add this informatio­n themselves). Other improvemen­ts include the following: • Improved real-ground calculatio­ns. Soil conductivi­ty and dielectric constant affect the current distributi­on (input impedance), as well as the far and near fields. • Wires very close to the ground are allowed. • Wires connected to the ground are allowed. Ground connection­s can be ‘perfect’ or ‘imperfect’. • Preset list of conductivi­ties and dielectric constants for different soils (good, average, poor, cities, rich soil, fertile land, sandy, freshwater, seawater, ice, and so on) • Radial wire ground screen with buried radials. • Dielectric substrate slab of finite size to model microstrip patch antennas in addition to the existing infinite substrate. • There is also now have a Facebook group AN-SOF Antenna Simulator Group, which offers further informatio­n and user guides. The new features put AN-SOF above those packages that use the NEC-2 engine and is a noteworthy upgrade. (SOURCE: Keith Rawlings)

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