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Wascosa FEAS arrive

The third type of wagon from the Wascosa order for Network Rail, the FEA-W infrastruc­ture flats, began to arrive in the UK at the end of January. Based on the existing spine wagon design, 66793 had charge of the 6Z66 03.30 Dollands Moor-eastleigh working on January 29 with 81 70 4524 026/34/43-47/55-61/64-66/68-70 in tow. Again finished in yellow, the majority of the 60ft wagons were fitted with Salmon flat modules for carrying track panels, with one featuring Tench low-sided cages and another with bolsters and stanchions. A second delivery on February 5 saw the same working headed by 66786 with 81 70 4524 028-30/32/33/36/3840/42/72-74/77/80-85 in tow, these all being devoid of modules. A total of 260 FEA-WS are on order.

Weedkiller­s delivered

Network Rail has received its remaining pair of new weedkillin­g trains, these being modular three -wagon sets built on existing KFA container flats. February 4 saw 66779 entrusted with the 6Z96 11.46 Derby Rtc-kiddermins­ter, taking TIPH93450, VTG95380, TIPH93371 and TIPH93486, VTG95378, TIPH93470 for commission­ing on the Severn Valley Railway.

Timber to Abergavenn­y

Colas Rail operated a trial flow of timber from Hackney Yard, Newton Abbot, to Abergavenn­y on January 19. Pontrilas Sawmills was once a regular recipient of rail-borne timber under BR and EWS with unloading sites including Hereford and Pontrilas, but the use of Abergavenn­y is new and its first traffic for almost two decades. After the train had arrived at Abergavenn­y, the timber was taken by road to Pontrilas Sawmills in Herefordsh­ire. In charge of the 6Z61 working was 70803 with ex-rover Cube KSAS 33 70 4739 010/26/65/72/74/76/78/79. Recently extracted from store, the 10-strong fleet of timber KSAS were notably all working together during February, the above eight being joined by 33 70 4739 003 and 066 on the Baglan Bay to Chirk circuit.

Shirebrook departures

The latest movements at WH Davis’s Shirebrook wagon works saw 66782 depart for Doncaster Decoy on January 25 with new-build JNA box wagons 81 70 5932 120/26/27/28 in tow, along with shortened HYA hoppers 37 70 6791 014/16/26/32/43/47/63. Then on February 2, 66725 arrived with HYA 371077 and IIAS 37 70 6791 033-3 and 042-4 fur cutting down before taking new Ecofret intermodal triple sets 83 70 4520 324-2, 83 70 4521 098-1, 83 70 4520 325-9 and 83 70 4520 326-7, 83 70 4521 099-9, 83 70 4520 327-5 back to Doncaster.

Rebuilt BYAS roll out

The penultimat­e batch of rebuilt BYA steel slab carriers was released from DB’S Stoke wagon works on January 19, 67020 being a relatively uncommon choice of motive power for the trip to Warrington Arpley. The 15.23 departure featured 996041/145/161/205/210/244, along with repaired MLA ballast boxes 503542 and 503545. The last of the scheduled conversion­s departed on February 2 behind 66140, 966002 and 966100, bringing the total to 29.

Latest disposals

Among the latest wagons to be sent for scrap are HTA hoppers 310050/074/1 10/167/195/279/458/583/631, hauled by 66786 from Gloucester Yard to Sims, Newport on February 8. At EMR, Attercliff­e, a rake of MHA ballast opens was delivered on January 26 featuring 3945 42/655/895/906/914/938/950/967/96 9/972/992 and 396000/022/074 with another set following on February 2, this including 394407/548/641/700/7 58/855/857/863/868/887/909/919/9 83 and 396007/018/023/038/049/051/ 072/092. More MHAS arrived on February 9: 394536/674/856/907/929/933/ 934/942/949/957/961/962/991 and 396003/010/053/054/089. Scrapped at Scunthorpe by Ron Hull in late January were a number of steel carriers, namely BBA 910320/497, BDA/BEA/ BFA 950305/566/646/688/745/804/8 72/875/904 and 951011/016/042 and BMA 965053, along with MEA boxes 391660/698 and SSA scrap carriers 470110/112/128/142.

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