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56049 and 56090 in a winter wonderland on January 23, 2019.


After a night of snow and frost I disappoint­ingly woke to a thick fog over my home town of Leyland. Disappoint­ing, as this day – January 23, 2019 – was the long-awaited return to service of 56049, and it was in charge of my local tanks train, too.

Well, I wasn’t missing this chance, so I cautiously drove east and after only five or so miles suddenly hit bright sunshine. I was surely in luck, and I was absolutely buzzing when I reached Pleasingto­n to this sight of a winter wonderland.

So here is 56049 – hauling her first revenue-earning freight since January 2004 – along with 56090, in charge of 6E32 Preston to Lindsey empty tanks.

It’s great to have her back.

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