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Ravenglass Sunset on February 2, 2018.


Having locomotive-hauled trains return to the Cumbrian

Coast gave me more than three years of entertainm­ent. It was something I really didn’t think would actually happen, even though I’d been photograph­ing the training runs. And I had a long list of top shots I wanted from this stunningly scenic and rugged line.

But despite all the gloriously sunny days I had out west, my favourite shot is probably this one; one I found difficult to take. I remember being unsure of my camera settings as

37402 Stephen Middlemore made its way towards me working

2C34, the 14.35 Carlisle to Barrow train. I somehow got the photograph I wanted, and I’ll remember the sound of her growling for as long as I’m still around. Absolutely hellfire sound.

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