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The English and Amer­i­cans are two peo­ples di­vided by a com­mon lan­guage, so o here are some com­mon Har­ley terms to o help you bridge the great gulf…

F-HEAD: nope, not the Flat­head which comes a lit­tle later, but the very first V-twins built from around 1911 un­til the Great De­pres­sion. The F in the name comes from the shape of the in­let tract – in­let over ex­haust, or ioe FLAT­HEAD: with the sidevalve en­gines built from 1929, there was no valveg­ear at the top of the en­gine (ob­vi­ously), so the cylin­der heads looked… flat KNUCK­LE­HEAD: refers to the shape of the rocker boxes on the ohv two-valve 45-de­gree V-twin en­gine, in­tro­duced in the mid-1930s PAN­HEAD: re­placed the Knuck­le­head in 1948, and again the name refers to the shape of the rocker cov­ers which look like in­verted saucepans (of the type beloved by cow­boys cook­ing up a mess o’ beans on a camp­fire) >SHOV­EL­HEAD: this time, the flat­ter boxes are sup­posed to look like coal shov­els, but we think some­one is stretch­ing a point, to be hon­est. Built from 1966 to 1984 EVO­LU­TION aka the Evo or, more un­kindly, the Block­head. Built 1984 to 1999; the 80 cu­bic inch / 1340cc ma­chines which just about res­cued the mar­que DERBY COVER: the po­ten­tially hat­shaped clutch cover (al­though many other ex­pla­na­tions abound for how it got its name) SEVENTY-FOUR: cu­bic inches, equiv­a­lent to 1200cc (ish)

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