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I read with great in­ter­est, as I al­ways do, RC172 and in par­tic­u­lar the ar­ti­cle about the BSA Vic­tor Spe­cial and the re­build­ing of two Su­per Rock­ets, be­ing a keen BSA fan. Re­gard­ing the Vic­tor Spe­cial I quite agree with Frank Melling and Roger Tay­lor that the sen­si­ble cruis­ing speed is an in­di­cated 55mph – with a (very) quick sprint up to 60mph. I own a 1967 Shoot­ing Star and this seems an ideal speed for a bike that is now over 50 years old. With elec­tronic ig­ni­tion and the use of the valve lifter, start­ing is good.

Re­gard­ing the Su­per Rock­ets I see from the pho­tos that there’s a choke or ad­vance / re­tard lever mounted on the frame of Mick’s Su­per Rocket, ad­ja­cent to the oil tank. Then a photo of Pete’s bike shows the choke on the left, and on Mick’s the choke is on the right. I al­ways thought these bikes had the choke mounted next to the oil tank, and the ad­vance and re­tard on the han­dle­bar. Am I wrong? Which is which?

An ex­cel­lent read as al­ways, keep it up.

Andy Bean, mem­ber 12,473

De­lighted you en­joyed the fea­tures, Andy. As to which lever goes where; di­a­grams from BSA hand­books of the 1950s typ­i­cally show the A10’s ig­ni­tion lever on the left and the air lever on the right of the han­dle­bars. But these days, a ma­chine fit­ted with mod­ern electrics might not need an ad­vance / re­tard lever, while an owner could choose to put the choke any­where con­ve­nient. If you’re con­cerned about be­ing marked down in a con­cours com­pe­ti­tion then it might be im­por­tant, but other­wise… Rowena

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