The evenings are grow­ing darker, the rain is less warm, there’s a tinge of frost some morn­ings. Au­to­jum­ble sea­son…

Have you got some­thing to say about your clas­sic bike? Would you like to see your P&J pre­served on the printed page? Here’s how to claim your 15 min­utes of fame. Get that key­board clat­ter­ing and write for RealClas­sic…

Real Classic - - What Lies Within -

WE WANT TO PUB­LISH more sto­ries about real life clas­sic bikes. You don’t need to be an in­spired writer to see your story in RealClas­sic, but you do need to say some­thing rel­e­vant. We like pro­files about a sin­gle model (or maybe two very sim­i­lar ones; a pair of Tri­umph twins, for ex­am­ple), which should be at least 1000 words in length. Most RC fea­tures are be­tween 1000 and 2500 words. If your story is longer than that then it’s head­ing to­wards be­ing a series (or a book!). If your thoughts run to un­der 1000 words then they’ll prob­a­bly ap­pear in the let­ters sec­tion.

TO SEE WHAT WE MEAN look at Oily Boot Bob’s Cru­sader sto­ries, the Velo MAC or Nor­ton Big4 ar­ti­cles in RC142. These are just what RC read­ers are keen to read. ( We don’t need any tour­ing or travel tales, thanks).

NO NEED TO WORRY about your writ­ing, gram­mar or punc­tu­a­tion; we’ll make sure that your ar­ti­cle reads the right way. Just con­cen­trate on telling a good story and we’ll do the rest.

IN­CLUDE AS MUCH INFO as you can. Tell the RC read­ers ex­actly what model your clas­sic bike is, when it was built, and as much of its his­tory as you can. There’s no such thing as too much in­for­ma­tion. What con­di­tion was it in you bought it? What mods have you made? How well has it per­formed? Did you re­build it from a box of bits? Has it won an award? Have you rid­den it across the coun­try? Does it sit in your shed and gleam qui­etly and make you very, very happy? What’s it like to ride? How does it com­pare to other, sim­i­lar clas­sics you’ve rid­den? What­ever your clas­sic bike means to you, it’ll be of in­ter­est to other old bike en­thu­si­asts.

NOW’S YOUR CHANCE to share your ex­pe­ri­ences with other own­ers and prospec­tive pur­chasers. Have you dis­cov­ered a se­cret sup­plier of ex­actly the right bolt, nut, washer, rivet, fas­tener, screw, pin, plug, spacer, shim, bear­ing, bush or cog? Can you make your Tri­umph oil-tight? Does your Com­mando start on the but­ton? Or did you make a ghastly mis­take, and can you save some­one else from a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence by ad­mit­ting all?

DON’T FOR­GET to men­tion top sup­pli­ers and any un­sung he­roes who have helped you.

WHAT WE NEED is your story as a Word doc­u­ment or in plain text form, plus a bunch of pho­tos so that ev­ery­one can see what you’re talk­ing about. We need at least dozen pho­tos (20+ is bet­ter), taken against a clear back­ground, and show­ing the bike from sev­eral dif­fer­ent an­gles. Make sure the bike is in the light, and not in the shad­ows. We can use old-fash­ioned pho­tos, or dig­i­tal jpgs. For the magazine we need pics as big as you can man­age – any­thing from 1MB to 5MB. Gen­er­ally, the big­ger they are then the bet­ter your bike looks in print. It’s now pretty easy to send big pics on a USB or share them on­line.

WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR EF­FORTS: we can’t prom­ise a for­tune, more’s the pity, but we will re­ward your ef­forts with com­pli­men­tary copies of the magazine, an ex­tended sub­scrip­tion, and an ex­tra ‘some­thing spe­cial’ to say thanks. Plus, of course, you have your 15 min­utes of fame…

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